Vacha is registered as a trust with Charity Commissioner, Greater Bombay. Donations to Vacha Charitable Trust are exempted under 80G. Vacha can accept foreign donations through FCRA.

Recognition / Awards :

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  • Vacha won the Dasra Girl Power Award 2014 in Life Skills Category for its work with adolescent girls.

  • Vacha received 6th Annual Champions of Youth Award by EMpower Foundation at New York in April 2015.

  • Vacha Trust was chosen as one of the 5 organisations working on Generate program in partnership with Thomson Reuters and Impact International in 2013.

  • Spark and Ignite Grant for the year 2012 was awarded to Vacha for innovative work with girls by Empower, USA.

  •  Vacha was one of the 12 global winners of Girl Effect Challenge, Global Giving in partnership with Nike, for work with adolescent girls in 2010.


Vacha has completed the Due Diligence processes and is listed on:

GuideStar India :            Vacha Charitable Trust

Global Giving, USA :        Providing Life Skills to 300 Girls living in Slums         

Global Giving, USA :        Training space for 600 Poor Girls in Mumbai


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