Vacha is a term in several Indian languages meaning speech, articulation and self-expression.

Our vision is of a world without exploitation, oppression, discrimination and injustice against women or any other section of society.

Our mission is to focus on issues of women and girls through educational programmes, resource creation, research, training, campaigns, networking and advocacy.

Vacha emerged as a women’s group during the 1980s. Initiated by women active in the women’s rights movement, It started as a resource centre to address need for space for discourse, resources and collective action. It was established and registered as a Trust in 1990.

Since 1995 Vacha has focused working with adolescent girls and boys with special focus on girls.

Vacha looks at its work with adolescents as a preventive measure against creation of vulnerabilities in women due to lack of education, exposure and opportunity. Vacha believes that empowered girls and sensitized boys have better chance of developing into adults who value equality and become productive citizens.

Our interventions are in 17 basti centres in Mumbai and Thane District.