Impact on Young People

  • Girls have negotiated at their homes for continuing education  –  as a result in last four years, not a single Vacha girl has dropped out of education (up to class 10). 96% of the girls enrolled with Vacha have completed education till class 10, and around 50% have enrolled for university degrees.

  • Peer study  indicates that Vacha girls are the only girls who have got the opportunity to become part of community youth groups.

  • The same study also reveals that 96% Vacha girls and boys from marginalized sectors have been trained in use of digital technology like cameras and computers  compared to 39% of their peers. 23% of Vacha children have scored more than 75% in English in school exams compared to 3% of their peers.

  • Girls at all Vacha community centres bring out bi-annual newsletters in their respective communities. The current release in January 2014 was the 11th edition with close to 100 copies sold in each community.

  • Girls have negotiated and at times also fiercely protested against early marriage of themselves or their relatives. 98% of Vacha girls have evaded marriage till the age of 18.

  • Girls’ groups as well as mixed youth groups of girls and boys have campaigned against street sexual harassment / eve teasing.

  • Girls have gained social capital in form of support groups of informed peers, and by increasing their knowledge of local resources.