Speak for Our Cause


You can become advocates for our cause by – 

  • Being passionate about Child Rights, Girls’ Rights and Human Rights.
  • Disseminating advocacy material prepared by Vacha in your networks.
  • Sharing our blog posts, our Facebook posts, and YouTube videos. 
  • Arranging for a gathering of your friends, family, and acquaintances to screen one of Vacha’s videos in support of girls’ rights.

Raising your Voice-

You can make a big difference by taking a stand against derogatory posts against women or girls on any social or print or AV media. Do not forward such posts, or make a point to object to regressive statements and jokes. Gently tell the sender why you found their post objectionable.

Visit our resource page to access advocacy material.

 Write to us at : admin@vacha.org.in or  call – 91- 22-26055523 (10am to 6.00pm Tuesday to Saturday)