Our Team


Our Team

We at Vacha are a group of women with varied backgrounds in social activism, community work, media, research, writing, teaching and homemaking.



Dineshwari Thonse:  Dineshwari Thonse has been active in the women’s movement for last three decades. She is a retired supervisor / lecturer in Smt. Mittal College of Commerce and a Trustee, TOUCH – Turning Opportunities for Upliftment and Child Help. She brings in her organisational skills and expertise as being part of the educational system. Currently she is managing daily accounts and finance. She is also the Hon. Chairperson of the main project, Resource Centre for Women and Girls.

Meenal Patel: Meenal Patel is a well known actor in theatre and television in Hindi and Gujarati, including street theatre. She brings in her creative ideas in developing advocacy material in form of songs and poems on girls and women’s issues.

Sonal Shukla, Managing Director: Sonal Shukla has a background in Gandhian Education, Literature and Aesthetics. She has been actively involved with Indian Women’s Movement from its inception. She is on the editorial board of the interdisciplinary journal Girlhood Studies, Montreal and of the quarterly Quest in Education, Mumbai.  Shukla, as the Hon. Director of Resource Centre for Women and Girls, a project of Vacha Charitable Trust, is responsible for heading and guiding the project team.

Dr. Vibhuti Patel: Dr. Vibhuti Patel has been active in the women’s movement for last three decades and is a well known Economist. Dr Vibhuti Patel has been Professor and Head of Post Graduate Department of Economics, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. Dr. Patel is on the board of many social and women’s organizations. Currently she is Professor and Chairperson, Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, School of Development Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

Dr. Veena Devasthali: Dr. Veena Devasthali has been Professor and Head at the Department of Economics, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. With a Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai, her areas of core competency are Macro Economics, Development Economics, Indian Economy, Industrial Economics and Labor Economics. She has been on various important committees for academic development and management. She has had early association with Women’s Movement and the issues it has taken up for gender justice.


Core Team

  • Yagna Parmar, Co Project Director: Yagna has a Masters  degree in Social Work in which she topped her university course. In addition Yagna has a Diploma in career counseling. She has worked  on programme implementation and on building monitoring designs for seven years. She has built community level networks in project areas.

  • Nischint Hora, Administrator: Nischint has qualifications in literature, media and in women’s studies. She has worked with Doordarshan, the National television channel for eighteen years. She has been with Vacha for 18 years. She has produced documentaries and books for Vacha and has worked extensively on creative expressions of girls.



Trupti Bhusane, Documentation In-charge

Team Members

Ankita Tambe, Community Organiser

Angha Satavase, Project Coordinator

Jyoti Sonawane, Community Organiser

Meena Gaikwad, Project Coordinator

Rupali Pethkar-Joshi, Project Coordinator

Priya Patil, Project Coordinator

Nasreen Shaikh, Community Organiser

Sadiya Khan, Community Organiser

Sampada Misal, Community Organiser

Shabana Siddiqui, Community Organiser

Sneha Chatambali, Community Organiser

Sonali More, Project Coordinator

Vaishali Madane, Community Organiser