Library and Resource Centre

 The library has a collection of nearly five thousand books on and by women.



This centre is the one of the first projects of Vacha, and had evolved during the 1980s to overcome the lack of space for women in the rights movement. The centre was started to provide space for women to come together to have discussions, to refer to material and to engage in academic discourse.

The library has a collection of nearly five thousand books on and by women. Major areas include Literature, History, Society, Women’s liberation, Media, Education, Health, Violence against women. There are research reports, magazines and documents in the collection. The library also has books in Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. Students, social activists, home makers, research scholars and others access it. To address the limitations faced by literacy-deprived women, the centre collects, creates, translates and disseminates IEC material such as songs, skits, audio-visual material, posters, games and health charts.  It has also produced four albums of songs on gender issues and two documentaries on women freedom fighters. 

The centre conducts study circles and film screenings, and interfaces with women writers. Library regulars have interacted with Alison Lurie, Ashwini Dhongde, Barbara Ehrenreich, Dhiruben Patel, Gloria Steinem, Jameela Nishat, Mahasweta Devi, Mamata Sagar, Nabanita Deb Sen, Nita Ramaiya, Sarup Dhruv, Urmila Pawar and others.

The mobile library for girls and boys includes books in 7 different  languages such as Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil, Kannada and English. Apart from books it collects magazines, audio-visual material, teaching aids, games, puzzles for the use of children.

Vacha also has a blog dedicated to girlhood issues. Girlhoodindia

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