Research and Training

Research and Training are integral parts of Vacha’s work and cut across all projects.



Research: Vacha engages in research and documentation on rights and realities of women and girls. The aim is to increase visibility of women and girls, and to highlight their contributions to society. Today, Vacha’s focus is more on adolescent girls, their health and their voices, perceptions and self expressions. It has published reports, papers, books, booklets, posters, song albums, video essays and documentaries for use by girls and people who work with them.

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Training: Vacha conducts trainings and workshops on the themes of gender, peace and democracy. Its objective is to develop understanding of gender construction among young people and to help them devise strategies to combat gendered inequalities.  Trainings are organized with young people working with NGOs and with students of NSS Units of colleges.

Another theme of training for girls in second decade of life, is about growing up issues including menstrual health and hygiene, self esteem, peer pressure and decision making.

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