Youth Empowerment: Preparing youth for participation in Public Life

Youth groups from the communities, inclusive of girls learn life skills. They publish newsletters, give speeches, stage street theatre; engage with local government, CBOs and NGOs on issues concerning their communities and initiate action.

Research and Training: Advocating for girlhood as well as youth issues.

Vacha undertakes research studies on marginalized adolescent girls and youth. It conducts trainings on health, gender, leadership with various NGOs, NSS cells as well as corporate houses. It regularly networks with human rights groups and engages in campaigns concerning the same.

Library and Resource Centre: On and about women’s and girl's issues

The library houses fiction/ non-fiction books, journals and magazines on topics related to women. A mobile library for children operates in the communities. Vacha regularly publishes its own books, booklets, posters and A/V materials.

Girls Resource Center: Empowering girls with 21st Century skills

Girls come together to gain knowledge and learn new skills. They get opportunities to explore and participate in public life. For most of them this is the only exposure to the world outside, other than schools.



Our Mission

Vacha’s mission is to focus on issues of women and girls through educational programmes, resource creation, research, training, campaigns, networking and advocacy.


Our Vision

Vacha’s vision is of a world without exploitation, oppression, discrimination and injustice against women or any other section of society.

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